KABO (Kids at the Beach Outreach) was born in the heart of a retired teacher from Isanti County named Kitty Shipshock. During a community prayer meeting in the spring of 2010, it was mentioned how few free community activities were open to the young people of the community during the summer months, and how many families were unable to afford the high costs of team sports, camps and lessons due to the downturn in the economy. Kitty thought to herself, “My church has a beach and a playground,” and set about recruiting volunteers, raising money, and planning activities for four sun-drenched, fun-filled afternoons at Lakeside Christian Church on Lake Fanny near Cambridge in the summer of 2010. A swimming beach with certified lifeguards was the main attraction, while fishing, kayaking, pontoon rides, lawn games, story time, arts and crafts and snacks helped the days speed by. All the expenses were paid by donations from individuals and community organizations and the manpower came from various local churches. Eight afternoons are planned for 2014!